Home Stagers and decorators are expecting bold changes and new flair to hit home interiors this year. If you’re eager to change things up a bit and put a fresh “face” on your living space, check out these hot trends:

1. Fusion. experts say we’ll see a fusion of old and new this year, especially with materials. Salvaged wood, metals, leather and stone will bring warmth and elegance in unexpected ways.

2. Furniture-inspired kitchen features. For example, we’ll see “boring” islands transformed into beautiful furniture with the addition of carved legs, intricate paneling and gorgeous stone tops. So much more than a place to prep food.

3. Color diversity. this year’s color trends will range from soft, smoky shades of gray and muted pinks to bright jewel tones and bold blues. Beige? Out. Feature walls? Out. Remember, however, if you’re thinking of selling now or in the near future, lean toward elegance and understated colors rather than shock factor!

4. Eco-friendliness. Enviromentally friendly options are no longer relegated just to systems. Homeowners are insisting on products that require less energy, reduce home maintenance costs, decrease the carbon footprint and take full advantage of repurposing, recycling and upcycling.

5. Wow factor wallpaper. We’ll see the return of vibrant wallpaper in kitchens and other areas of the home- and not just on walls!

6. Industrial input. Industrial- style pieces have been a staple over the past few years, primarily in the form of lighting and furniture. There’s a move toward convenience, functionality and longevity- and now we want quality from mass- produced items to complement the character in our homes.

Have some fun this year with your home.


Carlos Noel, Listing Specialist