Saddle up and hit the trails on Lorton property. Explore the lay of the land from horseback and appreciate the stunning sites brought forth by Mother Nature. At Tamarack Stables horses that are friendly and sound take riders up and through a variety of wooded paths alongside the banks of Pohick Creek.

The family run stables welcomes all skill level of riders. Staff members ensure comfortable rides for those experiencing their first time on a horseback. Mounts are energetic yet gentle, and are expertly matched with the riders atop them. Frisky and fun they love to frolic in the Pohick Creek as they meander along. Trail guides are in their element pointing out flora and fauna and bragging about the brilliance of the horses being ridden.

Families From Lorton Homes Are Horsing Around

Trips range in length from one to three hours. Participants as young as eight can ride by themselves. An additional fee for youngsters five to seven is charged for an extra attendant. Long pants and closed toed shoes are required. Families often bring treats from their Lorton home to gift the horses as a reward for a smooth ride. Animals love a bit of sugar, crunchy carrot or taste of a crispy apple.

When one ride is not enough folks can mount up on a regular basis. From the bridle to the stirrup, the Tamarack Stables Riding School teaches young equestrians all they need to know. Programs for scouts are popular too. Catering to badge requirements classes feature care of the horse, equipment and a trail ride. Pony Parties turn simple birthday parties into spectacular occasions. 

Located off of Old Colchester Road, Tamarack Stables sit adjacent to Pohick Bay Regional Park. Miles of additional equestrian trails lead toward the edge of the Pohick Bay. Many horse owners bring their animals to the park for an early morning or afternoon ride. There are plenty of other activities to enjoy on the grounds including fishing, camping, kayaking, hiking, miniature golf and a water park.

Reservation requests for trail rides can be made online or by calling 703.539.5160. Plan a day to ride off into the sunset soon.