Watch the seasons change on Prince William County real estate at Burnside Farms. Consistently voted Best of Prince William by InsideNova life on the farm is simply wonderful.

In the Springtime glorious blossoms are blooming in overload. Brilliant with color, tulips and daffodils are truly a sight to behold. Celebrate Dutch style during the Festival of Spring - Holland in Haymarket. Flowers are waiting to be plucked and admired. Groups pick their own and pile them into baskets. Go back into time and “klomp” around in wooden shoes. Inflatables provide loads of entertainment for kids living on Prince William County real estate.

Fields are bright and shining during the Summer of Sunflowers. Depending on the whim of Mother Nature, peak picking season is in the middle of July. A variety of shades mark the petals from bright orange and yellow to smokey brown. Cosmos add in delicate splashes of purples and pinks. Sunflower mazes challenge the mind. Bounce houses and bubble stations cause laughter and shouts. Burnside Farms spring and summer flower fields are easily found at 15441 Haymarket Drive.

Families From Prince William County Homes Find The Perfect Pumpkin

Leaves change color as autumn rolls around. Crisper weather means it’s time for the Hay Market. Pumpkins are plump and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The hunt begins for the perfect specimen to transform into a scary jack o’lantern. Inside the barnyard friendly animals wait to make new acquaintances. The young at heart love to come out and watch the antics of silly goats and personable pigs who call this their Prince William County home. Ripe off the tree apples make delicious snacks while fall cider quenches thirsts. Picnic lunches are enjoy under the fall sunshine before the weather turns colder.When winter approaches families bundle up and search out the perfect Christmas tree. Assisting with the annual tradition, Burnside Farm brings in a variety of Frazier Firs to choose from. A selection of Wreaths and garlands beg for decorative ribbons and ornaments. Fall and winter happenings are held at the home farm located 4905 James Madison Highway. Enjoy some year round fun at the farm!